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Criminal Defense Attorney in Lawrenceville, Virginia

Your Future Shouldn't Rest on One Criminal Charge

hands held behind mans back in handcuffsWork with Attorney Jimmerson on Your Criminal Defense in Lawrenceville, VA

A criminal conviction can have a serious impact on your future, making it difficult to secure a job or find housing. When you need a bulletproof criminal defense in Lawrenceville, VA, turn to The Law Office of Meredith Smith Jimmerson, PLLC. Schedule your free consultation with attorney Jimmerson today to start building your case.

Fight For Justice

Get Complete Legal Support When You Need It Most

You can't take any chances with your future, which means getting the best criminal defense possible if you're facing criminal charges. Work with a criminal defense attorney who's prepared to fight for you. Here's why you can count on The Law Office of Meredith Smith Jimmerson for comprehensive legal support when you're charged with a crime:

  • Attorney Jimmerson handles cases in juvenile, domestic, general district and circuit courts

  • She'll take on misdemeanor and felony cases

  • She's successfully resolved a number of criminal cases

From minor violations to serious charges, attorney Jimmerson is prepared to take on any criminal case. Call her office today to speak with a criminal defense attorney in Lawrenceville, VA about your case.